8th March – Figure Drawing & recap

We will be doing more figure drawing today, using painting.tube. We can try out some of the following techniques for our quicker sketches.

  1. Starting with the head first and drawing reference lines for the spine and centre of face.
  2. Stick men. Draw the joints and eliptical shapes for the torso, pelvis and head. You can also draw a marker line for the angle of the shoulders and pelvis.
  3. Drawing without removing the pencil from the page
  4. Drawing without looking at the page
  5. Breaking down the figure into 2d or 3d geometric shapes
  6. Drawing an evenlope which encompases the entire figure, to help with proportions and placing on page.
  7. Gesture drawing. The searching line, organic line.
  8. Thinking about shading techniques such as blended, circulism, hatching, cross-hatching, contour hatching. Maybe stippling for longer drawings.
  9. Open Drawing and Negative Spaces. For longer drawings, you could try to capture the figure by shading in the negative space or just draw the shaded parts of the body.
  10. Perspective and foreshortening.