Managing Stress and Anxiety Webinar

Space Resilience & Well-being Project by Hafeezah Ameen a therapeutic counsellor (The resilience & wellbeing project)

This project is set up to meet the needs of the general community, specifically, during this current Covid-19 pandemic situation, where everyone is trying so hard to survive and live through the whole new and unsettling experience.

These Virtual support workshops will aim to create a safe avenue for people to learn as well as provide some level of psychological, overall mental well-being, self-care, personal development, growth and connection through Psycho -Education on everyday life matters.

This webinar is free to attend. Please register in advance by contacting us (details below).

Topic : Managing stress and Anxiety

This workshop will be facilitated by Hafeezah, a Therapeutic Counsellor
The proposed date for the workshop is Saturday 12th September, 2020
Time: 11:00 am -12:00 noon
Venue: Via Zoom

1st Session Timings

11:00KateIntroduction to the workshop and Team
11:05HafeezahDeliver the workshop on Managing Stress & Anxiety
11:50HafeezahQuestions,comments or feedback.
12:00Kate / WayneBring the session to a close
Proposed Timings – To Be Confirmed.

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