We have ordered some sketchbooks and pencils for members of our Art Group. Please contact us if you would like some.

We will let you know when they have arrived and hand them out at St. Mary’s on Friday mornings. If you can’t make pick-up on a Friday morning, please let us know.

In the first week of our art group we will discuss sketchbooks and some of the reasons that you may want to use one.

A sketch book can be used for doodling and note taking. You might use it for drawing, painting or making collages. You can also use a sketch book as a place to collect reference materials. It is a useful place to write down your ideas and reflections. Externalising ideas helps to keep them at the front of your mind.

If your sketchbook is small enough to carry around, you can record your ideas at any time. It is convenient and can help you build the habit of investing regular time into your work. It is a chance to play with ideas and learn. You are creating records which you can easily review.

A sketch book can be any size or format that suits you. It could be something that you have made yourself. It could be a folder. It could be a scrap book where you stick ideas. It could contain pockets for you to hold materials and samples.