Head Drawings Space Art Group

Week Starting 22nd Feb – Drawing the Head and Face

We tend to pay a lot of attention to peoples faces. This can make it harder to draw a face which looks realistic as the viewer picks up on tiny details.

Some ‘rule of thumb’ measurements

With this approach, we draw general guidelines and use these as a starting point to work from. In practice, peoples proportions will alter but we can use the guidelines as a reference point.

Viewed from the front, the head is a rectangle, approximately 3 units wide and 3.5 units tall. These units are created as follows:-

As a convention, the head is roughly 3.5 times the length of the forehead. The division lines are at:

The top of the head, the natural hairline, eyebrows / top of the ears, base of nose, bottom of the chin.

The intersection point of the centre and brow line is useful to determine, as this indicates the pose.