Week Starting 30th November – More drawing exercises

This week we will be looking at some more drawing exercises. The aim is to give you further ideas which can practice in your own time.

Drawing an upside-down image. Find a picture of a person or object and turn it upside down. Now draw the object. It may help you concentrate on what is in front of you, rather than making assumptions about what you can see. When you are done, turn the pictures the right way around.

Drawing negative spaces. Look at an object and then look at the space around it. Try to create a picture by just drawing the shapes of the space around the object, rather than the object itself.

Drawing with your non-dominant hand. This is yet another commonly recommended exercise. Drawing with your less dominant hand may help you get out of some ingrained drawing habits.

Making a drawing of your hands or feet.

Timed Drawing. Try to draw as much of whatever is in front of you in a set amount of time – maybe just 5 minutes.

Theme of the Week – Your Environment

Last week we looked at drawing individual household objects. This week why not try making quick sketches of the space directly in front of you. You could do some quick timed drawings, or try to create a more detailed drawing.